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About Donna
  • Name: Donna
  • Job Title: Beauty Therapist
  • Skill Set: Everything Beauty | Level 3

My name is Donna and I am 30 years old and have two beautiful children. I am NVQ level 2 and 3 qualified in health and beauty and have been trained for 12 years.

When I was getting ready to leave Redhill high school in Stourbridge, I didn't know what I wanted to do as a career. I originally thought I'd like to be a vet and therefore completed work experience to find out I'm scared of animals! I also tried working with children as most my family works in education. However, after I completed work experience I decided it wasn't for me. I asked my mom what she thought I should do as a career. She replied, "Donna you need to think of what you like doing the most!". My response was makeup!

I soon after went for work experience in a beauty salon in Wordsley, Stourbridge where I spent a week watching and learning what the industry was all about. I loved every minuted of it! I attended Halesowen college at Shenstone house which took me two years to qualify.

Following college, I went to London and got a job working for a company called Steiner who provide beauty therapist to work on cruise ships. I also lived in Watford YMCA for 3 months which allowed me to complete my training with Elemis. I worked on cruise ships for 3 years for the Windstar, the Windsurf and Carnival Fantasy. I absolutely loved travelling and seeing the world as well as doing the job I loved. However, towards the end, I got too tired and the hours were long so I finished my contract.

I then moved to Ireland and worked in a 5-star spa and hotel called Kelly's Resort Hotel and Spa where I worked for 4 years. I liked the experience of a spa it was such a lovely relaxing feel knowing that I was relaxing people from all the stresses and making their holiday more enjoyable. I left Kelly's Resort Hotel and Spa to go back home to my family in Stourbridge and took a year out to be a Mom.

I got approached by Pedmore Beauty Rooms to work part-time. It was perfect for me to be able to work and still be a mother to my children. I've worked for Pedmore Beauty Rooms for three years and I love everything about it. The salon, therapists and clients are great! I enjoy coming to work in a salon as there is a lot more interaction in a salon compared to a spa and ship life. In 2018, the owner of Pedmore Beauty Rooms gave me the role of a manager where I managed the day to day activity of the salon and loved it even more!

In 2019, I moved to Ashby de-la-Zouch. This presented me with an opportunity to start and grow a new beauty business; resulting in Beauty Da La Zouch.

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